Environment Certification ISO 14001

Environment Certification ISO 14001

The Environmental Management System (EMS)

The Environmental Management System certification is issued in reference to the ISO 14001 standard which defines the requirements to identify, control and monitor environmental aspects.
Identifying the environmental aspects related to your company and assessing the main strengths and weaknesses of their management, in legislative, technical and organizational terms, is a first step to build an effective and efficient Environmental Management System.

ISO 14001:2015

The importance of environmental protection and continuous awareness of this issue now represents one of the key priorities in every advanced country, pushing more and more companies to consider the need to develop a system that would monitor the significant environmental aspects arising from its activities or related to them. The environmental certification has also become part of the criteria for the qualification of suppliers as it shows a company that is aware, responsible and projected to excellence.

Reduce the chance of environmental accidents

Reduce company costs/waste.

Get better insurance coverage and reduce related insurance premiums

Benefit from tax relief.

Ensure legislative compliance.